XP-Pen Artist 22 E Pro HD Graphic Tablet


For a long time I had the desire for a graphic tablet. However, I also had certain claims. It should not be too small you in any case with monitor.

Some years ago I met a representative from Wacom. Through his friendship which of course was very short, sales call in a computer shop just where I just made representation for the owner, I was the company in terms of graphics tablets even on the radar. So I looked at Wacom some time ago. But the prices that were called, about 1500 € for a Wacom Cintic 22 inches, I was just too high for my use. At the other Fiji Fong parts where my company name did not say anything I did not trust. So I lost sight of it all until a few days ago.

Last days I had done some things that was hell with the mouse, again the thought came to me Grafic Tablet. Well, now the Wacom Cintic 22 inches cost around 1600 €. I really did not want to spend that much money, at least not for what I'm doing with it. Theme done again. ...
Well not quite - I started sniffing Google for graphic tablets. By chance, I came across XP-Pen. Then I looked at Amazon what the parts cost and have read reviews to me. Then again in the net for the selected XP-Pen Artist 22 E Pro HD searches. Since the reviews were quite good, I decided to play such a part. With 599 euros it seemed like a bargain compared to the Wacom price for a comparable graphics tablet.
2 days later it also arrived. As I had already read in the tips, the included cables (USB printer cable and HDMI cable) were too short. In wise foresight I had ordered the same in 3m again. Fortunately, the cables came on the same day as the tablet with DHL. You know how that is ...
Does the child have a rag and can not ... That would have been fatal. But that was not so. Thanks to the people with the cable tip !!!
So I could build everything and then install the whole thing. Everything was easy and is also described quite well in a German manual.


Here is a picture of the tablet.

xp pen


The packaging and accessories inc. Graphic Tablet includes: The graphic tablet, 2 graphic pens, 8 spare nibs, box for a pen with spare seats, VGA cable, HDMI cable, USB printer cable, pen USB charging cable, USB adapter , a 2 finger glove, cold connection cable 220V, transformer with power cable and the software (driver incl. description)

The tablet is Multilingual you can put it in English, the software is also in English.

As I said, if the PC is next to the desk, the VGA cable, the HDMI cable and the USB cable are too short.

I have ordered the USB cable and the HDMI cable in 3m and glued them together with insulating tape, so every 30-40 cm 3x wrapped.

The graphic tablet should run with the usual software offers. From Adobe Photoshop CS6 and the really old Photo Impact 12 I can confirm that.


If I have gained experience with the time, I will report this here.

So now practice practice.

It has now passed a little time, I have the first attempts to draw freely hand behind me. Here are my first 2 pretty simple designs.

A simple line drawing     A simple line drawing, then brushed.
 tablet2   tablet1 


First conclusion:

The Tabet leaves a good impression, to criticize is a tiny paralax error, but you got used to it quickly. If you do not use it as a graphic tablet you can use it as a second monitor with HD resolution. This means you can open two or more applications and push the window of the application you want to see separately on the tablet. Fast drag-and-drop paste data from one application to another, saving you the hassle of window-clicking. But also great for comparing data, or just let a movie run.