Photo showcase


First I had a normal closet where I had housed my photo equipment. But memories are attached to all my parts. So I decided to change the storage location. I've been looking for glass showcase for a long time on the internet, but those square pillars were not what I had imagined. In addition, there would have been no room for the most important things. Since I did not want to present this in public, but only for myself, I chose my office as the location. Strangers and relatives rarely come in there.

I searched the Internet over and over again for months for those showcases, but that was not what I had imagined. Then all of a sudden I found a used pharmacist showcase at EBay. That was what I had in mind. To my chagrin, she was white and not oak like my office but that did not matter at the moment. So I bought this showcase and picked it up.

I simply placed them on my oak sideboard. That that does not fit the wood and a break in style, I did not care. Ok the place was found now.

Then came the next problem. How do I keep the dust out of there? Again I looked around the net and sealed the whole showcase with rubber seals at the edges to the wood. The only thing left was the surface over which the panes of the showcase roll against each other. But here too, I quickly found something in the form of a plush seal. I simply glued this seal to the edge of the innermost pane.

Done was my showcase for the photo equipment. That looked great, but it was not that right.

My office is out to the garden, there is a really big window of 3.5m x 1.3m in it and goes out to the south-west, but still it is quite dark due to the plastic Lightplates of the terraceroof. Especially in winter. By the way, for a patio roofing, I would not take these milky plastic Lightplates anymore, because I would definitely prefer glass, not because of my showcase, but plastic Lightplates make the room really dark.

So there had to be lighting. Then there were LED strips on. I chose cold white LED strips and put them in the showcase.

Part of the result you can see here with my wife before. That was a quick shot, I do not have another picture at this moment.



In the last days I had the idea to change the back wall of the showcase. I thought mirror foil would not be bad. If that does not look good then make right mirrors on the back of the wall. Let's have a look ...