1.) The original photo

Here's the initial photo: A young woman in hot leather without head on white background


2.) The head is fitted

then a head was released from another picture and was adjusted in size to this picture

and positioned ..


3) then she gets a collar

the same thing was done with the collar.

Isolated and adapted.


4.) Hue correction of the face

Here, a tonal correction was performed so that the head gets a matching hue as the Decolte.


5.) Apply lipstick

Since the lady is so pale she now gets some color.

Lipstick is applied ... but very little because she has already full lips anyway.

That would be too much of a good thing.


6.) The boundaries of the lips are defined

Lippliner is applied

(was big in fashion I think less today)

7.) The eyeliner is applied
Eyeliner, top and bottom refinished

8.) Since the girl is so cheesy, Rouge is added

Applied to both cheeks rouge

9.) Dark eye shadow directly above the eye is applied
Eyeshadow Color 1 (dark) directly at the bottom of the eyelids
10.) Bright eye shadow over the dark eye shadow.
Eyeshadow 2nd color above it slightly blurred in the border area.

10.) The background is inserted

Since everything looks a bit milky on white comes last

another background.


Finished !

The composing is done on the fly and not super careful.

It should only show part of the possibilities for viewing and understanding.





I hope you enjoyed the little insight

and encourage you to try it!