Background for exemptions


A really interesting area in photography is the photographing of people. Many photos with a great background are created in the photo studio. Whether it is a fantasy background or a natural background does not matter.
To release the desired person you first have to take a good picture of them. This works very well in front of a dark gray or anthracite colored background. The gray must not be too bright and not too dark. But you see the color here in the picture.

The background is just paper / cardboard which you can buy on wheels. These rolls are about 2,70m wide and 11m long. The paper becomes dirty and creased over time, then you cut off the piece and take something new from the roll. For hanging you can now use a background system or hang it with ropes on the ceiling.


I have used 3 studio flashes when creating this image but it is synonymous with a system flash for the beginning.
So now you have taken your picture I take this as an example.




As you can see, all the colors contrast well with the model. Of course this simplifies the exemption work.

I do not want to talk about how to make exemptions in Photoshop. But those who want to learn how to work with Photoshop can attend a course at the VHS. Another good alternative is the Video2Brain courses available on DVD. If you do not want to spend so much, look for Ebay. Often, these DVD courses are offered there cheaply.


Here are three examples where I did something like that.


example 1


The background photo is in a shopping time between Ft. Myers and Naples (Florida / USA) originated. The model was photographed against a gray background.



Example 2

The background photo was taken during a harbor cruise in the Duisburg inland harbor. The model photo again in front of gray background.



Example 3

Again, the picture consists of 2 pictures. The first picture was the model on a metal bed. The model with the bed was released and the second picture, her own portrais, was released. This was then inserted as background.