Photo Accessories


On this page I would like to write something about photo accessories, in order not to get around if you are ambitious and without various photos are not possible.


Photobag small

If you go on tour with manageable photo equipment is usually enough a small photo bag. These small bags cost about 20 euros and protect the photographic equipment during transport and you can still accommodate a variety of little things. Such a small photo bag rich e.g. for a few small accessories such as one or the other filter, the body with lens and e.g. a flash or another interchangeable lens. In many situations they are sufficient.

Here is an example of such a bag. (I chose this one because I bought one just for my wife, I'am using a similar other little bag)


Nikon VAE29001 CF-EU11 SLR Systembag



Photobag big


In situations such as It can happen fast to a more intense photo shoot, that such a small bag is no longer sufficient because you want to take a second body, flashes, a tripod and various lenses. Since such situations came before me more often, I then added an XL photo bag. My choice this one.


Mantona New York Photobag




Some time ago, I then like many friends of photography I deal with wildlife photography here you need then partially interchangeable lenses, - if necessary, a second body and an external flash. Then there was something to drink and a little something to eat because I did not want to pay the prices in the zoo. As my wife often accompanied me on these tours, the food and drinks had to be taken twice. In such a situation, a large heavy bag (the bag is not heavy but the contents) was not very appropriate. After a short time the shoulders hurt from the weight and so a day in the zoo or on a city tour is not very pleasant. Remedy shank here a photo backpack. So then also so a part was acquired.

As we often went to the zoo with two people and we had annual passes, the backpack i purchased was big.


Hama camera backpack for 2 DSLR cameras and equipment (photo backpack, 21 L, quick access, tablet compartment, rain cover, and tripod mount)




Tripods & Accessories


In low light or for night shots you need a tripod. The first tripod I bought was a pretty "heavy" aluminum tripod. Here a lot of my choice on a Manfrotto with 3D Neiger similar to this one. Such a 3D tilt is great if you want to stay in one plane, for example for panoramic photos. So a tripod with 3D Neiger is about 300 euros, which is already for a tripod a proud sum.


Manfrotto 055



For quick shots, or because of the situation I just took the attitude too long, so I replace the 3D tripod head against an action grip.


Mantona Basic ActionShot Tripod Head



The handle has a weight of 825g with the Manfrotto headless about 2500g made a total weight of 3325g. That does not sound like much, but when you carry it with you for hours, every gram counts. So I looked for a lighter tripod, so I bought the Walimex pro WT-890T carbon + ball head FT-002H. I dismantled the ball head and swapped it for the action grip. Since the Walimex incl. The ball head FT-002H only weighs 290g without ball head estimated 220g results with my Actiongrip a weight of about 1100g. That's a huge difference to the Manfrotto with action grip of almost 3500g.

But the big advantage of weight can also be detrimental. It is pretty top-heavy in normal weather is quite stable, but when stronger wind is added, this is not particularly stabble. So I'm glad to have kept the Manfrotto and so I can pack the tripod that seems appropriate. Qualitatively you can not compare the two tripods, as the Walimex is far inferior but it does its service well.


Walimex pro WT-890T Carbon + Ball Head FT-002H




Battery Grip

Such a battery grip is a great help among others in high-profile photos. He has an additional trigger, that one does not have to bend the hand so and in addition the adjusting wheels which are also seen on the top right of the camera. This greatly simplifies these high-profile photos. But even if you work with long focal lengths, it helps to keep the camera stable.

In these handles 2 rechargeable batteries purely what the operating time doubles. As an additional Gimmik there is then still the battery compartment, use for alkaline batteries or batteries of size AA (Mignon). Then you do not need the original batteries.

A negative point would be there, the camera is heavier. Often is also counted as a negative point that the camera gets bigger, but that's not really negative in my eyes because you have more in your hand and is thus able to keep the camera stable. This is not so important with small lenses, but with large and heavy lenses with high focal length and high light intensity, such a grip makes a noticeably positive impression.

Here I have a picture that shows a Nikon D200 with the corresponding battery grip Nikon MB-D200 underneath, right above the battery grip is alone to see. The picture below on the right shows the battery grip Nikon MB-D10 of a D300 / D300s. With it you can operate 3 batteries on the camera. One battery in the camera and two in the battery compartment, alternatively again the possibility to use a rechargeable battery with Mignon AA batteries.

Nikon D200 & Nikon MB-D200    Battery Grip Nikon MB-D200

  Battery Grip Nikon MB-D10


You do not necessarily have to buy an original battery grip from Nikon, there are good manufacturers that offer something much cheaper.


Here is a tip for a fairly good battery grip of Meike for the Nikon D500, the price here is about 80 euros, compared to the Nikon MB-D17 costs about 385 euros. The Nikon battery grip has only the usual normal functions, the Meike battery grip has a radio remote control with it. This remote control offers the following functions in addition: The remote release takes place with 2.4 GHz radio frequency and has a range of up to 100 meters. Setting and controlling the timer such as shutter delay, long exposure, interval shooting.

My conclusion: The processing of the battery grip is not bad, the Priceing and the additional features have made my choice in favor of the Meike battery grip. Such a remote trigger is very practical z.b. at night. By pressing the shutter button, long-term exposures can cause wobbly jolts, which you can not use expeditiously with long focal lengths. This faults can now be fixed with self-timer or just with such a radio remote control.


Meike Battery Grip for Nikon D500

bg d500